I don't even know how to begin to encapsulate Zoe. All I know is I'm still expecting to hear her little questioning, "Mrrrow?" as I walk past her favorite spots. She was the only one of the cats that had that little trill, and she talked more than the other kitties. Zoe was a diva, and had no qualms about expecting her people and the other cats in the household to do as she wished. She'd fix you with a longing look, so you'd give her some treats, only to find out that she'd pulled the same stunt on someone else five minutes earlier...but she also loved to be near her people, chilling on the recliner with my dad or snuggling on the bed with my mom. She loved a good petting - that was when she talked the most. She did her best to keep the other cats in line. She was so very much loved and she is so very much missed. Zoe had ongoing back issues the last few years, and Vets to Cats took the best care of her. Thank you so much for all you did for Zoe.

-Sharon, Vicky & Greg