• Cute cat lyed on floor

    Keep your kitty healthy so you can enjoy each other's company for years to come

    Is there anything better than petting your cat and hearing it purr like a motor? Whether your cat is due for a general check-up or it needs surgery, Veterinarians To Cats will make sure your cat is in peak physical condition.

Woman holding the cat

Can't find a cat sitter?

If everyone you know is allergic to cats and you're going away, you can board your cat with us and know it's in good hands.

How bad is your cat's breath?

It may be a sign that dental work is needed. If your cat's breath is offending people, talk to us about our dental services.

Cute kitten

Outdoor cats enjoy their freedom

But you'll always know where your cat is with a microchip. We can perform this procedure for your feline friend.

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